Searching made easy

Searching for information is made simple through search engines such as Google and bing. Google has its own specific shortcuts which can make it easy to find something you thought would be difficult to locate! Check out these quick ways to find what you need in a flash:

To search for a specific word or phrase it must be enclosed within quotation marks.

Ex. “jumping jacks”

To search for something on a specific site

To correctly search for a definition you would place the word “define” before the word you wish to define

Ex. Define:cat

To search for a specific product available within a specific price range you must type the product name and then the price you wish to buy it at. Remember to include “$” because your search will not go very far without it

Ex. Ipad mini $250

Ex. Ipad mini $250..$300 (separate your price range with periods)

To search for a specific filetype, type in the file you wish to find and then “filetype: __”

Ex. Tax forms filetype: PDF

To include or ignore words in your search you must place a dash before the word you wish to exclude

Ex. Ipad case –purple

To find sites/pages similar to an existing one you must write the word “related” before the website URL

Ex. Related:

To confirm the exact form of a quote even if some words were missing you must place an asterisk in place of the missing word

The curious * of the dog in the night-time

To search for a page containing two connected words you must use an underscore to separate them or join them together to make one word

Ex. pineapplesubway

Ex. pineapple_subway

To search for social media content containing a specific tag all you must do is place a hashtag or @ symbol before the tag you wish to find

Ex. #EID100

Ex. @nationalgeographic

Searching made easy

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