[Light]beam me up Firefox!

Through downloading Lightbeam in order to track what pages I visit intentionally and unintentionally when I browse the internet. The circles represent websites that I visited myself, and the triangles represent the third party websites that were accessed as a result. The white lines represent regular connections while the purple ones represent cookies.


In 20 minutes, I visited 10 first party websites and 65 third party websites. It was astonishing to see the graph output and see how many websites I had “visited”. I hadn’t heard of more than half of the third party websites and it had me thinking, what information are they seeing about me? Is my security in danger? Is my information in danger? All this got me thinking more about my online security on the internet.

Lightbeam can help you track what websites you are visiting, and which ones to stay away from. Keep yourself well informed on things such as malware, botnets, worms, viruses, and trojan horses that can enter your computer through third party websites! They can disguise themselves as trustworthy while they are in fact downloading themselves into your computer. They can steal financial information, passwords, or much worse. Keylogger is an example of software which can be turned into spyware capable of recording your keystrokes in order to get its hands on your credit card numbers and other financial information. Downloading browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, as well as downloading anti-virus software are crucial steps towards keeping yourself and your computer safe.

I think that Lightbeam is a very useful add on to have. Seeing the results can be daunting initially, though I think that it can also bring piece of mind while surfing the internet. The table view lists all the websites, first, and third party, that you have visited in a more organized manner. It can help you keep track of the websites that you visit and possibly control a virus problem. Lightbeam also monitors websites which are blocked and watched to keep your computer safe.

To learn a little more about Lightbeam from the creators, check out this video!

[Light]beam me up Firefox!

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