Through Codeacademy I completed the HTML basics module and built my own webpage! It was interesting to see how the code I wrote effected what was appearing on the webpage and all the different options that were possible. I imagine the later stages to be extremely complicated but I am definitely intrigued! Click on the images below to see my badges and what my webpage looks like but for now here is my code!



<head> </head>

<title> About Me </title>


<h1> EID100</h1>

<body> <h1> Zaynab Shirazie </h1> Code Academy HTML Lesson

<p> I am currently 22 and I moved to Canada when I was 8 years old. I have many interests including reading, sketching, baking, and sleeping. I love cats and own one named Mittens which I adopted when I was 12.</p>

<img src=””/&gt;

<p>I am currently studying at Ryerson University. I am in my fourth year of the Interior Design program and very excited to be graduating next month! I am undergoing a thesis project at the moment which is designing a library/community centre for the West Donlands/Corktown area. To see more of my projects you can check out  <a href “”&gt; my website</a>! </p>

<p> I love watching television and some of my favourite shows are Arrow, The Flash, and Parenthood. When it comes to movies i’m a sucker for romantic comedies and my favourite one is <a href “ in Seattle”> Sleepless in Seattle</a>. </p>



Screenshot 2015-03-29 23.03.41

Screenshot 2015-03-29 23.06.04